Dr Margaret Van Maanen


I have worked exclusively in all aspects of Women’s Health for the past 30 years.

My particular interest at this time is in Perimenopause and Menopause hormone balance.
When this time becomes the new chapter in your life, I am available to have a positive conversation about MHT - Menopause Hormone Therapy [what we in Australia are calling the new HRT].

Many women have thought they shouldn’t consider that, but are now realising that the risks have been debunked if taking the safe Body Identical or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement.
These are hormones made from plants, to be the same as our human bodies make.
I am passionate about educating women about MHT, answering questions as they seek out all their options; then working with them to find what is going to work for them if they do want to trial going that way.

A holistic approach works best - one which is multi pronged.
It is a good time to take stock of lifestyle and do a health audit.
If this approach is welcome to you, I am happy being part of your health team and I have many years of experience working alongside naturopaths.

Thyroid hormone balance is another health issue that runs through all of life's chapters, and it has always been a special interest of mine to aim for optimal treatment.

MB,BS University of QLD 1979
Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine "Primary Course" and others of their workshops Newson Health “Confidence in the Menopause Certificate”
Currently working on the “Professional Diploma of Women’s Health” through Bond University

International Menopause Society
Australasian Menopause Society
RACGP [Royal Australian College of General Practitioners]



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