Frequently Asked Questions

What is hyperthermia therapy?

Hyperthermia therapy is a type of treatment in which tissue is exposed to high temperatures in order to stimulate healing and a positive immune system response. This treatment can be applied locally or as a whole body treatment. It is an adjunct medical treatment used in conjunction with conventional treatments and is available only by referral and under the supervision

What is hyperthermia used for?

While it has primarily been used as an adjunctive cancer treatment, hyperthermia therapies have shown positive benefit to heavy metal detoxification, injury healing, dermatological conditions.

How long does hyperthermia treatment take?

A whole body treatment takes two hours. A localised application takes one hour.

How does whole body hyperthermia work?

For a whole body treatment, the patient lies comfortably on a bed underneath an insulating tent. Mounted on the roof of the tent is the Heckel HT-3000 Whole Body Hyperthermia System which emits warming Infrared (IR) light. IR light warms the body safely and while under careful monitoring, the patient is kept at the desired temperature for the length of

Are there any side effects?

Hyperthermia therapy is non-invasive, yet as with any medical treatment, may have undesirable side effects. The majority of patients simply feel thirsty and flushed after treatment and side effects are minor. The potential side effects depend on the patient’s health, the part of the body that is treated and how high the temperature is raised. Your doctor will discuss all

Are there ticks in australia?

Yes, there are over 70 types in Australia, mostly found on the east coast.

How do you treat tick bites?

The treatment for tick bites depends on your specific situation, and the kind of tick. See your doctor if you can’t remove a tick properly and part of it is still left in your skin. You should also see a doctor if you develop the following signs: increasing pain, swelling and redness, red streaks leading from the area pus, fever,

Does a tick bite cause lyme disease

Lyme disease is transmitted following the bite of certain types of ticks if they have been infected with particular Borrelia bacteria. Only some species of ticks are capable of being infected by the Borrelia bacteria and only these infected ticks can pass the infection on to humans. These ticks are commonly found in parts of Asia, Europe and North America.

Are there any lyme disease in australia?

Lyme disease does not exist in Australia however, “lyme like” symptoms could be caused by a variety of other issues, if you have any of these symptoms you should discuss this with your doctor.

Are there ticks on the Gold Coast?

Yes there are. Tick season on the Gold Coast generally lasts from October to March. Ticks are more prevalent in a wetter spring and summer after a mild winter.

What are the symptoms of tick bite?

Generally the symptoms are localised redness and circular spreading rash. You may have localised intense pain. If your symptoms persist, please see your doctor.

How do I know if I have a tick?

You’ll likely first notice that you have an itch and discover a small red lump. They are easy to identify as they stay attached to the body. Most tick bites are harmless, but if you are concerned, please see your doctor.

How do I make an appointment at IMH Gold Coast?

To make an initial appointment to see one of our doctors please use our New Patient Form. One of our receptionists will call you within three working days to discuss an appointment booking. For existing patients, please click the book appointment button below.

How much do the appointments and treatments cost?

Please call reception on 07 5562 5333 for information on pricing. You can also find information below on our Medicare rebates and cancellation policy.

Does your practice offer bulk billing consultations?

We do not offer bulk billing due to the extensive and comprehensive nature of the consultations however Medicare rebates are available (refer to price list).

Is it possible for me to have an appointment via videocall or over the phone

Yes both Dr. Dominique Wells and Dr. Shirley McIlvenny offer appointments via Skype or phone call. Dr. Taufiq Binjemain does not offer Skype consultations however are available for appointments over the phone. Please note that Medicare do not offer rebates for Skype or phone consultations.

Can I email or call the Doctors after my consultation if there is something I have forgotten?

Our Integrative GPs work full time in consultations with patients. If you need to request a script, referral or letter, or to obtain a result or replacement pathology form, please make a short appointment with your doctor. This can be a phone appointment or face-to-face in clinic. If you need a prescription or pathology form please use the script request form.

How can I claim my Medicare rebate?

We will take your Medicare card details and the rebate will be automatically refunded back into whichever account you have registered with Medicare during payment. Please make sure you bring your Medicare card with you to your appointment and record the correct details in your patient registration form. It may also be helpful to check with Medicare to make sure they have your address and bank account details.

Can I claim private health rebates to see the Integrative GPs?

Unfortunately you cannot claim private health rebates for doctor’s appointments. Medicare rebates however are available for doctor’s appointments including laser acupuncture.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring any recent test results, scans or x-rays along with you to your appointment. We will also need your current Medicare card or card details to process your rebate.

Is there parking available at the clinic?

Free parking is available in the carpark and across the road at Robina Town Centre.

Is there wheelchair access to the clinic?

Yes, you can access the clinic via a ramp.