Alyson Horne


Nutrition, Herbal, Homeopathy Clinical

Alyson holds a Bachelor's degree in Naturopathy and is certified in an array of modalities, which she leverages based on the unique needs of each case. Her qualifications span Homeopathy, Sanum Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, and Creatrix®️ Transformology ( a women’s only  personal development coaching modality).

 Alyson is passionate about healing the heart to heal the body, and describes herself as a "woo-woo pathology-loving Naturopath." Her extensive background in various healing modalities allows her to address all aspects of health, from emotional to physical well-being.

Alyson's expertise extends to identifying epigenetic predispositions to support healing, whether it's related to self-esteem or complex inflammatory health conditions. She's dedicated to digging deep to uncover the root causes, encompassing emotional, physical, and environmental factors, all of which she uses to design individualised healing plans as a coach and health consultant.

In addition to her clinical work, Alyson is also an accomplished author and keynote speaker, specialising in topics related to adoption and inflammation. She further shares her expertise as a retreat facilitator, creating spaces for profound healing and growth. Alyson's holistic approach and vast skill set allow her to guide and support clients on their unique healing journeys, promoting wellness from the inside out. 

Alyson’s Special interests are in:

  • Adoptee Health & Wellness
  • Complex Chronic inflammatory conditions 
  • Children’s Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health including ADHD/anxiety/depression
  • Functional Pathology consulting
  • Heavy Metals 
  • Biology of Trauma
  • Epigenetics/Nutrigenomics 
  • Omega 3:6 ratios and effects on inflammation 

Currently Alyson is undertaking study in Clinical EFT in Trauma and Eating Disorders to further support her clients with a gold standard based therapy to address further emotional root causes behind disease processes.